Treasure Trove

Coconut Grove
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Treasure Trove Description

True to its name, Treasure Trove Miami is one of the most sought after and valued neighborhoods that make up the eclectic patchwork of communities that is Coconut Grove. This gem has an appropriately grand entrance off of South Bayshore Drive, with its main road of Treasure Trove Lane extending to Tigertail Avenue. With its excellent location, gorgeous homes, and privileged status, it is definitely well worth considering.
Like so much of The Grove, Treasure Trove’s origins go far back, to the turn of the 20th century. Like so man other northerners, Chicago native Ernest Cole found this pristine tropical area to be paradise on Earth. Drawn by the lush scenery and ideal proximity to the unspoiled Biscayne Bay, Cole purchased a tract of land roughly corresponding to today’s Treasure Cove.
The name of the community stems from an interesting incident that took place during the construction of Cole’s home: the discovery of the remains of a ship, complete with anchor chain, coins, and metal parts. This led to rumors of pirate’s gold being discovered on the property, although this was never verified. Nevertheless, the finding led Cole to christen the estate (and later the entire community) as Treasure Cove.
Of course, you don’t need to find pirate’s gold to see why the name is so fitting. Treasure Cove features everything you would ever need for sumptuous Grove living. Since the 1990s, the community has been divided up into only ten properties, each situated on massive lots rich with tropical vegetation and mature trees. Each of these private enclaves feature the greatest of old and new, with rare classical architecture blending wonderfully with the latest contemporary amenities and elements.
Most enticingly, Treasure Trove occupies an excellent location near most of The Grove’s best amenities and attractions. In addition to several nearby parks and commercial centers, it is just minutes away from the local marina and yacht club, CocoWalk, Barnacle State Historic Park, and so much more. With downtown Miami just a stone’s throwaway, Treasure Trove is an excellent choice for those seeking even more excitement across the city.


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